My Share of Rabbit Holes

To anyone who has read my maths adventure this far you will realise that maths is full of twists and turns and it’s fair share of rabbit holes. After some soul searching I have decided to leave this blog intact for posterity with all the rabbit holes in place.

The one conclusion I have come to after all this time is that my original result (the paper on Graph Scaling) still stands out for it’s core meaning. The implication is that the triples inherently define a three dimensional substructure of the counting numbers. That is, three dimensions are directly implied, the rest being noise. These dimensions are pure, they are NOT Minkowski space time, but the underlying spatiality of MST is core and doesn’t need complex and artificial construction (such as with the bubbles in quantum gravity) … it’s just there.

I have still to make any headway in terms of perturbation (nature of randomness) and instancing in this model. My older model seemed to have these features, but it was a rabbit hole!

I feel that the nature of the dimensional mapping is still important, and that modular forms may be in there somewhere giving rise to interference and perturbation. At any rate, the paper needs to be rewritten, i’s a first cut, but the significance of the result is the same.


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